Tek mi Picha

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*Tek mi Picha*

by Sheryl Stark

Strong winds push against my face
Carrying mist of salty tales
Boats lay silent
Waiting for another day
As the trees dance
To the rhythm of the breeze
Water splashes around my feet
The picturesque land
Beckons me
To freeze in time
Mother Nature‘s design
Daughter, Daughter
Tek mi Picha
In the distance
The waves wrap
Around their tiny waists
As big grins
Shine from each small face
A carefree moment
I remember as a youth
Here they come running
As they make their debut
Pushing waves out of their way
As their voices strain
Against the musical waves
Miss, Miss
Tek mi Picha
They wear masks of
Black volcanic sand
As I freeze nature and man
The water laps at our feet
Reminding us of peace
When we walk the beach
Sea, wind, trees, and boys
Playing together as one
Unified and strong
With the mighty wind
They scream
With the mighty sea
They sing
Daughter, Daughter
Miss, Miss
Tek mi Picha
*Take my Picture*
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Support the Locals…Support Small Businesses


It was a pleasure.

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Field of Dreams


Ganja euphoria

Many of us used to scoff when Rasta tek

A puff a de good green stuff, while encouraging

Us to be religious, but back den government

Seh Rasta nuh have sense, so dem dismiss

Argument dat ganja is a religious sacrament

Babylon get scurrilous and put rasta inna

Han’ cuff fi position of de good green stuff


All of a sudden everybody a attend de wedding

De hot topic in de US, Caribbean and odda tropics, dem mus hav it dis stimulant,

Criticised, ostracised, stigmatised and demonised

Rasta and many others penalised

Now dem wah decriminalised

But de profits is dem main prize

All dem a discuss head a government still fraid fi publicly tek a puff a de good green stuff


Pandemonium, farma abandon scallion and onion

A pure ganja dem wah pon de lan’ fi mek money from

Some a cuss, some a rush fi put dem han pon ganja fuss

But dem still naaw discuss de benefit of a puff,

Dem only wah mek money nuff nuff

By pretending dat a dem si ganja fuss

Dem a de reincarnation of Christopher Columbus


- Junior Lloyd

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Yard Man…Emperor

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Ladies…it’s the moment you all been waiting for!!

Meet the sexy, play full, and grounded Rhodian ‘Emperor’ Wilson straight outta Port Antonio, Jamaica. He is definitely a One Love brother, and a ladies’ man, with a style of his own. Check him out and ladies, let mi hear from yu about this post…he he heeeeee…leave a comment, share it, whatever. You must admit a comment is warrented…lol.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/rhodian.wilson

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Good Evening


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Jamaican Insects: Walking Stick


I had to share this one with you, hope you like it :).

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Easter Dinner


This delicious Easter feast has:

Brown stewed Red Snapper with bammie, okra, potatoes, and carrots.

Escovitch Lion Fish with tomatoes and  cucumber.

And on the side roasted breadfruit and festivals.


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Happy Easter: From Alligator Pond


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Blue Draws

So, I decided to make Blue Draws. And had to make the “ballsy” decision to tell my parents…manifesting that they wouldn’t think I was disrespecting them…and asked for a bit of advise on how to make this traditional dessert. We will get to that in a moment.

Blue Draws, Tie-Leaf, or Dukunnu is a well liked boiled dessert or snack in Jamaica, originating from West Africa. However, my dad grew up in the country and I grew up in town; he was the one who made these delicious, starchy, sweet boiled “maize puddings” for us and he called them Blue Draws. Therefore, sticking with my family tradition, I will call them Blue Draws.

As we know the word “Blue” is sometimes used to refer to a dirty movie and “Draws”, in Jamaica, is a vulgar term for someone’s underwear. Now here I am talking to my parents about making “Blue Draws”; using words I was never allowed to use as a child, unless I wanted a spanking and sent off to bed. So, why is it called such a name that a child can only eat it, but cannot say it? Not sure, but my research came up with a small explanation.

It is so named, because portions are wrapped in banana leaves (the draws) that turn blue after boiling. Tie-Leaf is self-explanatory once you see the pictures.

There are many ways to make Blue Draws; some are banana, sweet potato, or cornmeal based. I will make mine cornmeal based…that’s how my dad made his, and his mom made hers’ the same way also.

*You Will Need:

2 cups Cornmeal
¾ cup Brown sugar
½ tsp. Salt
½ tsp. Cinnamon
½ tsp. Nutmeg
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 1/2 cups of Coconut milk
¼ cup Raisins
Banana leaves and ties 

First, mix the dry ingredients together and then add the coconut milk and vanilla. It is a pretty easy mix.

Second, place each banana leaf over open flames and slowly move it back and forth until the leaf changes colour. This procedure makes the leaf pliable for better handling.

Third, cut each leaf into squares, removing the stem. Add mixed batter in the center of the leaf section, and then wrap and tie it up, like wrapping a Christmas present.

Forth, place Blue Draws in boiling water for 45-60 minutes. After cooking: drain, cool, and enjoy.

So, there you have it, my family version of making Blue Draws, I do hope you will try it.

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Reference: National Library of Jamaica

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