What a great way to give: Purchase an item and become one of many who provides an education for a deaf child living in Jamaica.

Rasta and Jamaican Ethnic Bead Bracelet w/heart, peace, and butterfly Charms: $3.50 


Rasta and Jamaican Ethnic Bead Bracelet w/ stones: $4.oo


Rasta and Jamaican Ethnic Bead Bracelet w/shells: $3.50


 Rasta and Jamaican Ethnic Bead Bracelet: $2.00


Reversible Hot Pads

These hand-made crochet hot pads are essential for everyday lifestyle, and what better way to support our cause. Each hot pad is 100% cotton and designed to last and is reversible, displaying team colors and everyday home designs. Each side features a different design that goes well with any home decor. Spice up the table with creative ideas and use one of these amazing hot pad as a plate charger or a center piece when entertaining guests. Team colors are available also!

$6.00 each

Jam Rock Hot Pad

Rasta Hot Pad

 Shipping and Handling rates apply to all purchase.

Please contact me at the email address below to purchase an item through paypal…unfortuately I cannot have a “buy button” on wordpress and these items are for charity and to keep cost down, payments are received through paypal via e-mail. Thank you for your understanding and for your support for the cause.

Sheryl Stark

Thank you for stopping by. Come back soon yu hear and remember fi pass it on to a friend or family member. All proceeds will go to fund deaf education in Jamaica. For charity information please visit


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