Growing up in Jam Rock, I did not have any means to buy clothes much less travel and enjoy the island. I had no way of knowing how beautiful my country was. Now as an adult I receive a second chance. My first time back to Jamaica was as if someone took a veil off my eyes. She was and still is beautiful, misty, energetic, and full of a mystic vibes. My goal is to share this with you. Let mi tek yu fi a ride inland and the tourist spots, to expose Jamaica. Let me show you what’s hot and what’s not. Together we will let the secret out. I also want to show off, if I may, my island…the greenery, music, people, food, drinks, and much more. Come mon stay tune, it only a go get betta.  But rememba all good tings come in lickle doses,

 so let’s make this one last

draw slowly

and relax

but, if yu like big doses

no problem mon

you have an island nurse

just in case yu choke.




4 Responses to About

  1. MYSTIC MC says:

    Greetings outta Denmark ! JA nice 4 real

  2. Beautiful tribute to Jamaica! Thanks for sharing!!!

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