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Old Jamaican Proverb

Rain a fall, breeze a blow, chicken batty outta door.

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Island Style Breakfast

Photo Challenge of the Week Ackee and Salt fish, served with Johnny cake, fried Breadfruit, and fried Plantains. All di body needs fi start di day right…wicked breakfast.

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Personality through Style and Fashion

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The Amazing Acerola Cherry

 Home-Made Recipe Included Below   I recently found out that when I cook I never taste, measure, nor set a timer so please bear with me, as my husband and I share some new, exciting, and creative Jamaican Dishes with you. … Continue reading

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The Curry Essence

Curry Chicken with white rice, boiled banana, and Callaloo. Mmm Mmm finger licking good!!!

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More from the Legend

Thirty Years Later… On this day May 11, 2011 we take a moment to honor Bob Marley, thirty years after he left us in body, but not in spirit. This is sad for me, because I would have loved to … Continue reading

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Coat of Arms

Armiger:Jamaica  A nation of many cultural backgrounds, came together to create “One People”…Jamaicans.  The carving below was given to me by my Dad and was hand-made with crude tools from the Lignum Vitae Tree. The Coat of Arms is boasting its stunning portrayal … Continue reading

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The Sound of Blue Mountain Peak (Video) Thanks for stopping by and remember to follow me on Facebook.

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