Map of Jamaica


Jamaica gained full independence on August 6, 1962, yep not too long ago. Independence Day is celebrated each year on August 6th and Emancipation Day is the first Monday in that month. There are many parties around the island at this time of year, so that is when you will need to book your flight. Here are some interesting facts about my beautiful Jamaica, “the land of my birth”.
Island: Jamaica an island nation
Location:Jamaica is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and is south of Cuba. Part of the Greater Antilles. 
Area: 4243 sq mi 
Parishes: There are 14 parishes which are grouped into three counties Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey. I should remember the names and their capitals, so here goes: 
Kingston- Kingston…1st city
Saint Andrew- Half Way Tree
Saint Catherine- Spanish Town
Clarendon- May Pen
Manchester- Mandeville
Saint Elizabeth-Black River
Westmoreland- Savanna-la-Mar
Hanover- Lucea
Saint James- Montego Bay…2nd city
Trelawny- Falmouth
Saint Ann- Saint Ann’s Bay
Saint Mary-Port Maria
Portland-Por t Antonio
Saint Thomas-Morant Bay


 Climate: Tropical, hot, and temperate inland
Terrain: Mostly mountainous, narrow coastal plain
 Elevation: Sea level, Caribbean Sea, 0 ft
                  Highest level, Blue Mountain Peak, 7402ft
The Blue Mountains are the highest points in Jamaica.
Natural Resources: Bauxite, gypsum, and limestone

The People

As you may know once born on the island, then one is called a Jamaican. I must say no matter where I go people from all walks of life love Jamaicans…and that is so cool. I thank you all for loving and accepting us, we love you too. “One Love, let’s get together and feel alright”.
 Population: August 26th 2011 about 2,741,969 
Ethnic Groups:
African: Particularly from Akan and lgbo people.
Multiracial: Irish ancestry
Racial Groups: Indian and Chinese ancestry
Smaller Racial Groups: Lebanese, Syrian, English, Scottish, and German
Because our ancestry came from all over the world…

National Symbols:

 …it stands to say our motto is:
“Out of Many, One People”
Flag: Black, Gold, and Green
National Bird: Doctor Bird…Hummingbird
National Fruit: Ackee…best with salt fish
National Tree: Blue Mahoe
National Flower: Lignum Vitae
Music: Reggae, Ska, Mento, Dancehall 


Rastafari movement
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Bahai faith 
The largest practiced religion in Jamaica is Christianity, which comes with different denominations, example, Church of God of  Prophecy, Seventh-day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, and a few more.


Two political parties emerged, People’s National Party (PNP) and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Jamaica is still trying to establish her place in the world, with tourism and mining as the two main form of foreign currency, economic stability may not be in the near future. Jamaica is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Queen of England represented by a Governor General. And here I thought we gained independence.


Ok…so I must explain a bit here. The official language of Jamaica is English, but the national language is patois…a mixture of English, Spanish, some French, West African language, and some Irish language speaks. This ‘language’ was developed by slaves as a way to communicate without the slave master understanding what was being said. Pretty cool, huh. It is not easy to understand even though there are English words being use, sometimes the trick is how fast the speaker is speaking and how the speaker enunciates the words. Now, I must include sign language; American and Jamaican Sign Languages. 
So now you’ll need to know the names of the two major airports on the island:
Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Sir Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay…this airport is the busier of the two. 
*This site gets updated as information changes, so come back soon, yu hear.


Sheryl Stark
JamaicaInformation Service:
Outside Source:
“One Love”
Bob Marley
“The Land of my Birth”
Eric Donaldson



6 Responses to Jamaica

  1. Paul Rennie says:

    I will list here just a few of the ill-gotten thoughts of what got into the minds of our so called laureates in the designing of how the Jamaica coats of arms in its earlier concepts along with the very feble acceptance of choices made,which appear as if,it was push down our throat without allowing the thought process to come from the minds of a indigenous people. I am sure that much better could have come from our people given the creativity that we have come to realize base upon the achievement attained by Jamaican through out the years.It must now be the time to put these challenges to effect the changes necessary in order to fix in time before we are seen to be a bunch of clowns only worthy of, being in a circus.
    The National Coat of Arms.
    The National Dish.
    The National Anthem.
    The National Motto,out of many one people.

  2. Rex Ryan says:

    you have a great blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?

  3. shedrack says:

    i love jamiaca. how do i come down?

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