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Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations By Bob Marley   Live if you wanna Live Rastaman Irations Positive That’s why we got to give I and I vibrations Positive Got to have a good vibe Iyaman Irations Irie ites Wo-wo-ohhh Positive vibrations Positive   If you get … Continue reading

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Chris ‘Forever Young’ Whyte

   “Mi, a stay forever young”, Chris’ eyes flashed with his proud maroon ancestry while he beat his chest, “yea mon, forever young”, and then he smiled.  We met Chris at Great Huts where he works, and immediately felt connected … Continue reading

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Hard-working Jamaicans: Tipping

    If you are the kind of person to be up for an early morning swim, then you are in luck, this trio will serenade you with songs from The Legend (Bob Marley) with a more traditional twist…mento style. I … Continue reading

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Abigail Green the Artist

 She may be shy, soft-spoken, and have a pretty smile, but her art work is bold, fierce, and deadly accurate. Her name is Abigail Green and this natural-born artist gave me access to her life and portfolio, simply because I was blown … Continue reading

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Day, Me say day O

“Come mister tally man tally me bananas”. Day-O a Jamaican mento folk song, is best used as an example of calypso music. A call and response song by workers loading bananas on ships during the night. ‘Daylight come’ which is the … Continue reading

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Emancipendence 2011

Jamaicans love sand, water, and party…music. To truly experience our independence celebration on August 6, you would have to be there, to feel the vibes and bond with the people of Jamaica. Pictures can show you, but the physical experience will last … Continue reading

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Rasta Girl Delight: Number One

Shot a Guinep Bwoy when I was a child dem used to say, “Don’t eat guinep pon hungry belly”. Well, I proved that to be an old wives tale already as a pickney, because I couldn’t wait to eat breakfast before … Continue reading

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World’s Largest ATM

World’s Largest ATM Ocho Rios St. Ann, Jamaica Distributes both US and JA dollars  

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Catch of the Day: Island Aphrodisiac Salad

  Island Aphrodisiac Salad   Ingredients: Fresh Conch Tomatoes Scotch Bonnet pepper Scallion Olive Oil Lime Salt (for those Ital people no salt) Pepper  Preparation: Dice tomatoes, place on plate Thinly slice and chop fresh conch, place on tomatoes Chop … Continue reading

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