Sunbeam Children’s Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration 

I came across this wonderful story in the paper this morning and decided to share it with you all. It is very touching to know that Jamaica’s youth are using the arts to channel their emotions in a positive way…by expanding theirs minds to create a different type of art work, which in turn will build a better community.  

The Sunbeam Children’s Home, in Gutters, St. Catherine, was founded by Reverend Cedric Lue and is home to thirty-eight boys from ages eight to eighteen. Arts and Education came upon these talented young men, during the Old Harbour Expo. The boys used match and popsicle sticks to create expressive hand-made toys, of which included; sunflowers, racing cars, mats, airplanes, and doll houses.  

“The boys are taught cooping skills and these items will tell they’ve learned well. The thing is, it shows that talent has no boundaries,” said chairman of the home, Randy Finikin.  

Let’s celebrate the growth in these positive and creative young men, who are working Big Wonders in Jamaica!   

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Rasbert Turner, Sunday Gleaner Writer

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4 Responses to Sunbeam Children’s Home

  1. Madman says:

    I do some modelling myself so I can only admire the beautiful artword created by the kids. Contratulations!
    Merry Christmas from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

  2. Amar Naik says:

    wonderful pics

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