Coat of Arms


A nation of many cultural backgrounds, came together to create “One People”…Jamaicans.

 The carving below was given to me by my Dad and was hand-made with crude tools from the Lignum Vitae Tree. The Coat of Arms is boasting its stunning portrayal of the Crest, the Crocodile; Arawak Indians, the first natives of Jamaica; and five pineapples, for the economic status of that era and as an indigenous fruit. The male Indian is holding the main hunting gear, the bow; and the female is holding a basket of bounty which also includes a pineapple. The Motto was changed from the original version of, “The two Indians will serve as one” or “Both Indies will serve Together”,  to “Out of Many, One People”, due to the immense cultural groups that made the island of Jamaica home. This version of the Coat of Arms was adopted in 1962. Jamaica received its own Coat of Arms on February 3, 1661, the first of the British colony to do so. 

 Hand-made from Lignum Vitae, which explains the different array of colours seem in the wood


The current Coat of Arms, the English red cross can be seen in this picture.


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  1. Simple but interesting blog post I must say. I’ve just added your RSS to my google reader! =)

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