The Jackfruit Catcher

On one of my visits to ‘country’, Siloah, St. Elizabeth, I took this picture of my Dad as he caught a jackfruit just as it fell out of the tree. Man he was happy, as you can see. We were at my great aunt’s home, Aunt Una, and traditionally when Jamaicans who live inna town visit relatives inna country, there is always a whole heap a fruits fi eat. So in keeping with the tradition, Aunt Una offered us a jackfruit. Therefore by the time we left ‘country’, we were heading back with a ton of fruits and roots that are usually not grown where we live.

This picture; with the crude zinc shack in the background, the dried leaves on the dirt and grass, the tall towering trees casting shadows , the imperfections on the fruit, and the big grin on my Dad’s face, represents the true and real Jamaica. ‘Country’ is where we go to visit loved ones and eat til wi full.


About Sheryl Teach Stark

Hi my name is Sheryl. I am a Humanitarian, Blogger, and a gardener. I love all music, but reggae more so. I cannot tell you everything about me here, so follow me on facebook: and on twitter @givingirl. One Love.
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6 Responses to The Jackfruit Catcher

  1. I love this picture- I can see you in his smile. I’ve never had Jackfruit.

  2. shianwrites says:

    I love Jackfruit! Too bad their are not here in the US.

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