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It’s a Beautiful Day!

Come, tell mi wat’s your day like? Hope Gardens, Kingston.

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The Fastest Man in the World!

Usain Bolt!!!! Congrats Bolt on bringing home the gold. So proud to be a Jamaican!

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Papine High School

It’s summer time here in Jam Rock and Papine High School came out full blast. Papine High School’s Summer Programme is being held to promote self-esteem, social skills, and intelligence among other things. This keeps students engaged, instead of may be sitting home … Continue reading

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Blue Mountain Peak

What The Heck Did I Sign Up For!?!!! I’ve hiked mountains before, no problem I can hike Blue Mountain Peak. I even went as far as to tell one friend that I was fit enough for this expedition, when he … Continue reading

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Flora of Blue Mountain Peak

Heavenly Peak “The island’s average rainfall, which is much greater in the mountain areas facing the north and east, is 1,960 millimetres (77.2 in) per year. Where the higher elevations of the Blue Mountains catch the rain from the moisture-laden winds, … Continue reading

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Heavenly Peak

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Blue Mountain Peak’s Rain Forest

Descent into Paradise “On leaving the cleared mountaintop, the return trip reveals the botanical richness of the mountain. Together with the John Crow Mountains, this area is Jamaica’s last remaining rainforest where many rare and exotic plants can be found.” Reference: reading

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Nesta Robert Marley

Bob Marley A Universal Consciousness Bob Marley put Jamaica on the world map with music…reggae music. His songs sang about freedom, love, peace, and suffering…things normal people can relate to. Born February 6th 1945 he became a singer/songwriter and wrote songs … Continue reading

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Devon House

Devon House was built by George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire, and was declared a national monument in 1990. The area was known as “Millionaire’s Corner” at Trafalgar and Hope Road. Devon House is a historical site and now serves as … Continue reading

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