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Ocho Rios Beach

The picturesque Ocho Rios Beach, with its calm turquoise water offers a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

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Harley-Davidson inna Jam Rock

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Photo of the Day: Sea Egg

…at least that’s what the locals call it.

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The 2nd Annual Jamaica Curry Festival 2011

It was an evening of music, games, and everything curried at the 2nd Annual Jamaica Curry Festival, which was held in Richmond, St. Ann. The festival featured a high school cooking competition, giveaways, kid sports, singers, and much more. TVJ was … Continue reading


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Jungle King Video (Relaxation of the Mind) Feel the beat of the drums With each beat of your heart And inhale Then exhale Feel the heat of the fire As it caresses your skin Inhale Exhale Hear the words of the chant As it mesmorizes you Into … Continue reading

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Country-Style Cooking

One mile out of St. Catherine heading into St. Ann, on the A1, is where Faith Penn is located. Faith Penn is a pit stop with small kitchens ready to serve up some tasty Jamaican Country-Style Cooking. What do I … Continue reading

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Abigail Green the Artist

 She may be shy, soft-spoken, and have a pretty smile, but her art work is bold, fierce, and deadly accurate. Her name is Abigail Green and this natural-born artist gave me access to her life and portfolio, simply because I was blown … Continue reading

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Emancipendence 2011

Jamaicans love sand, water, and party…music. To truly experience our independence celebration on August 6, you would have to be there, to feel the vibes and bond with the people of Jamaica. Pictures can show you, but the physical experience will last … Continue reading

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World’s Largest ATM

World’s Largest ATM Ocho Rios St. Ann, Jamaica Distributes both US and JA dollars  

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Nesta Robert Marley

Bob Marley A Universal Consciousness Bob Marley put Jamaica on the world map with music…reggae music. His songs sang about freedom, love, peace, and suffering…things normal people can relate to. Born February 6th 1945 he became a singer/songwriter and wrote songs … Continue reading

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