A Simple Healthy way to start the New Year

Miracle Noni

I found myself in the wet, lush parish of Portland and everywhere I looked, there were these short, bushy trees. Each shrub had gnarly odd shape looking fruit hanging from it, varying in color from green, yellow, and white. I even disliked the way these ugly fruits looked…once they’ve hit the ground…not a pleasant sight. However, what I found out about those ugly fruits quickly had me changing my opinion about them.

Noni is considered a cure all in Jamaica and other parts of the world. It is said when consumed daily, on an empty stomach, it will help fight against cancer, depression, and other ailments. Also, the great thing about this plant, every part can be used for different remedies. The leaves are used as poultice for headaches, wounds, and to relieve joint pain. The fruit, bark, and roots are used to make tonic juices. Research found that noni juice helps boost the immune system, repair and regenerate cells, treat arthritis, and reduce inflammation. 

 What makes noni so amazing? It’s chemical makeup. One of the main active chemicals found in the plant is proxeronine, which is found to have cell regenerating qualities.  The fruit also contains coumarins, ursolic acid, scopoletin, triterpenes, and asperuloside. The roots, bark, and fruit are found to have anthraquinones. There are various polysaccharides, alkaloids, and sterols found in the fruit and leaves. 

Noni’s cure all abilities have me and some folks wondering if it really does work. I cannot say for sure, however I can tell you of two men from America I ran into in Jamaica who had skin problems cleared up after they started drinking noni juice every morning. Many locals believe and swear by this miracle plant and make it a daily part of their diet. I even learned a nifty way to make noni juice, here’s how.

This recipe calls for only noni, two plastic bags, and a glass…yep it’s that easy.


  • Place ripe (white) noni in a plastic bag
  • Pierce a few holes in the bag
  • Then place into another plastic bag
  • Hang bags with noni
  • After about 3 days noni should start to ferment
  • Noni will start to make a liquid
  • When noni is fully drained pinch a small hole into the outside bag
  • Hold over a glass to catch the juice
  • Pour into a bottle and refrigerate
  • Drink a teaspoonful, on an empty stomach, everyday

 Noni starts to ferment. 


Noni is not a savory lip licking juice. The juice tastes horrible and smells like blue cheese. However, to help the process along you can mix it in tea or coffee…and anything else for that matter. Most guys I spoke to did not mind drinking noni juice, because of its’ health benefits. Let’s make a decision to make 2012 a healthy year, free from sickness, just start by drinking one teaspoonful of noni juice everyday. 


About Sheryl Teach Stark

Hi my name is Sheryl. I am a Humanitarian, Blogger, and a gardener. I love all music, but reggae more so. I cannot tell you everything about me here, so follow me on facebook: http://facebook.com/sheryl.stark and on twitter @givingirl. One Love.
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2 Responses to A Simple Healthy way to start the New Year

  1. Natalie says:

    Where does one get noni in the states?

    • Sheryl Stark says:

      Hi Natalie, a very good question. There are a number of ways to order noni, because it is not readily available in the US. However there are a number of websites will ship the noni juice to your home. Go to google and type in noni juice and a ton of sites will pop for you to choose from. Once again hope this helps. Good Luck!

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