Why? The Lickle Girl in the Picture

When I first saw The Lickle Girl in the Picture, I was moved with great compassion. It was as if she reached out and touched my soul; leaving behind a change. This tiny girl unknowingly reaches out and affects souls…simply by being herself.

The enormous blue sky painted with white and grey clouds signals a storm is coming…yet the little girl stays grounded. The ocean lets down her hair and puffs up her breasts, ready for another glorious ride on the black sand beach, as the sea threatens to swallow her up…she stays firm, focused, resolute, working peacefully, enjoying the moment, and smiling.

The Lickle Girl in the Picture signifies strength. It tells a story that no matter how small we think we are, we possess enormous courage. We are able to pay no attention to distractions. We are able to stay focused and firm in the face of adversaries. We are able to say, ‘I have no fear’.

The Lickle Girl in the Picture tells a silent story that her spirit is more powerful that any storm.

See her here: https://wondersofjamaica.com/2012/09/02/the-lickle-girl-in-the-picture/


About Sheryl Teach Stark

Hi my name is Sheryl. I am a Humanitarian, Blogger, and a gardener. I love all music, but reggae more so. I cannot tell you everything about me here, so follow me on facebook: http://facebook.com/sheryl.stark and on twitter @givingirl. One Love.
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2 Responses to Why? The Lickle Girl in the Picture

  1. shianwrites says:

    Wow! what a beautiful piece. You have a big heart Sheryl, a true humanitarian. Blessings.

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