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The Passerby

You Are Welcome True story, one day my hubby said there was a woman at the gate. Living in Jam Rock has its pro’s and con’s, you know like everywhere else; therefore if an uninvited guest shows up out of … Continue reading

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Why? The Lickle Girl in the Picture

When I first saw The Lickle Girl in the Picture, I was moved with great compassion. It was as if she reached out and touched my soul; leaving behind a change. This tiny girl unknowingly reaches out and affects souls…simply by … Continue reading

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Lunch at Jack Sprat

Now that you know that I’m a Treasure Girl, let me tell you about one of my favorite spots to hang out in Treasure Beach. Treasure Beach is located in St. Elizabeth, on Jamaica’s south coast, and offers a different kind of experience. There … Continue reading


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From Trickle to Downpour

Upon arriving in Jamaica about three weeks ago, the very next day we spoke to the landlord about the trickling water we had to shower with the night before. This is no complaint, but when a girl cannot wash her … Continue reading

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Unity By: Sheryl Stark   American to Jamaican Fireman to Fireman Hero to Hero Brother to Brother Man to Man Respect, Love, and Unity Yea man.           © Sheryl Stark and Wonders of Jamaica, 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication … Continue reading

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Jamaicans, Wi All One

Jamaicans, Wi All One By, Sheryl Stark Excuse Me Just a moment Yes you Big Man Rude Buoy Ghetto Youth Put dung the guns And rise up two fingers For Peace     Excuse Me Yes you Rude Girl Sexy … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Guardian Angel

By: Sheryl Stark   If I asked you Do you believe in Angels here on Earth? If your answer is no Then I must tell you You are wrong.   A little bird whispered in my ear A little pretty … Continue reading

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Expectations   But what did I expect? When I tell a friend the truth When I once and for all Set a boundary Did I expect a hug Did I expect thank you Did I expect respect.   But what … Continue reading

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Tender Desires

Tender Desires I want to be in love! I want to experience the joy of true love! I long for tenderness I long for peace My heart hurts.   I want to experience life through love I need to know … Continue reading

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For Jeff

A Mother’s Love    Look to me now, This is where you will find her. Look to me now, This is where you will be comforted. I am her; She is me. She is here and everywhere Inhale and feel … Continue reading

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