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It’s everywhere…

…but herb is not legal in Jamaica. I took this picture in Mandeville. A beautiful flower garden… ūüėČ

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Nap Time

Siloah, St. Elizabeth.

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Seven Mile Beach: Storm Sailing

Isn‚Äôt it awesome and soul-stirring¬†when nature allows us, once in a while, to experience her wonders? I am always amazed at her magnificent beauty and was excited to capture this stunning moment in Negril‚Ķon Seven Mile Beach. The photo appears … Continue reading


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Mi Neighbor

The photo was taken¬†in Manchester and this little fellow here is¬†referred to by the locals as¬†a “Green Lizard”. Most Jamaican women are extremely afraid of lizards, especially this kind. And yes…I am too! So imagine how thrilled (sarcasm) I was … Continue reading

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Why? The Lickle Girl in the Picture

When I first saw The Lickle¬†Girl in the Picture, I was moved with great compassion. It was as if she reached out and touched my soul; leaving behind a change. This tiny girl unknowingly reaches out and affects souls‚Ķsimply by … Continue reading

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Meet Buddy and Charlie

This is Buddy…he is very friendly and affectionate.And this is Charlie…um, not so friendly, but very colourful and loves to talk.They live at Kuyaba¬†Resort in Negril.

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I’m a Treasure Girl

…are you?

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Holland Bamboo

Holland Bamboo is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth…a very nice ride.

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I love this pic, because it shows a magnificent simple countryside. However if you look carefully you see that it’s actually a scallion farm and far in the distance, on top of the plateau, a windmill farm.

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Photo of the Day: Sea Bird and the Storm

I took this photo in Alligator Pond, Manchester. It has rained for two days now.

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