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Mandeville’s Courthouse

Just looking at the pictures one can tell this is a very old building, offering traces of Old England. Built in 1817 in the Jamaican Georgian style, a two storey structure, the Mandeville Courthouse stands as a national monument. Slave labor … Continue reading

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One of the many traditions here in Jam Rock…gas is still pumped by attendants.   Gas Attendant

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Villa Bella

After making a couple “wrong turns” and driving oooovvverrr a very narrow-way-up- the side of a mountain road…instead of around it…we finally found the Hotel Villa Bella. This hotel is located just outside the town of Christiana in the parish of Manchester. It … Continue reading

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This juicy, soft, sweet, white and red, sexy fruit is a Otaheite Apple, also known as Malay Apple. The apple is oblong and pear-shaped, comes sometimes seedless and has a white interior and deep red skin. Some folks said it may … Continue reading

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“The compound fruit is nearly round or conical and 6-10 cm long. The thick rind is composed of knobby segments with a pale-green or bluish green colour. The fruit flesh of the ripe fruit is conical segmented, creamy-white and delightfully fragrant, … Continue reading

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